How Can a Spiritual Reading Help Me?

Health 04 Sep 2021
How Can a Spiritual Reading Help Me?

What is Spiritual?

Before I answer the question of how a Spiritual Reading may help you, it is important to define what Spiritual is. If you put the question into a Google search you will find many different perspectives on what Spiritual is, what a spiritual person is and how to live a spiritual life.  It also becomes obvious that many more people are now defining themselves as spiritual rather than religious.

A Spiritual person, perhaps can be defined as someone who believes in the doctrine that Spirit exists as distinct from physical matter.  Coupled with that, spirit is the primary reality or energy from which all things arise. Spirit is within all things and connects all things. There are of course many religions that teach these principles to vary degrees and most have a deity or god that is the focus. So, a religious person can also be spiritual.  However, many people today see the old religions as irrelevant and are navigating a spiritual path that is non-denominational.

Common Characteristics of a Spiritual Person

Some people identify being spiritual as someone who works with crystals, meditates, read the tarot, believes in past lives, or consultsSpiritual Person psychics. These things are just tools they do not signify that a person is spiritual.

A brief definition of the spiritual person is someone who:

  • Understands that we are all connected and that all everything affects everything else
  • The purpose of life to is to develop one’s mind and heart to embody a deeper understanding of love (you may wish to read my previous blog)
  • That all things in creation contribute to the whole
  • The greatest happiness can be had by ensuring that all Beings are happy and well
  • Constantly seeking enlightenment which can briefly be described as
    • Embodiment of unconditional love
    • Embodiment of the creator self that is beyond the physical and is all things

This list is not an exhaustive list of characteristics displayed by Spiritual People.  It does however, give some of the most common characteristics and it does give us a basis to understand what a Spiritual Reading is.

What Motivates Individuals to embark on a Spiritual Journey?

People decide to take the spiritual path for many reasons but one of the major reasons why someone starts the spiritual journey is because they want to be more than they are.  Generally, they are motivated because they recognise, they are carrying emotional baggage or thought patterns that causes them to feel unhappy. A question that is often asked by a person before they embark on a spiritual journey is “there has to be more to life than this!” often prompted because of:

  • Broken relationships,
  • Death of a loved one
  • An unhappy childhood,
  • Poor financial status
  • Disenchantment with their life in general
  • Sometimes individual are just born with this innate desire

The Tools of the Spiritual Journey

As I mentioned above the focus of a spiritual person is to expand and evolve their consciousness into greater states of love or enlightenment. To express their full human potential. Hence, they start to examine themselves to discover where they fall short of this ordeal.  This is not meant to be a harsh and judgemental process but one wherein a spiritual person will systematically examine their mental and emotional paradigms. Thus, evolving them from a limited egoic perspective to one of unconditional love of and connectedness to all beings.

There are many different processes that a spiritual person will undertake to give them clues and ideas of how to release the patterns that hold them back from an enlightened state. Processes such as affirmations, reprograming, practising gratitude and forgiveness, past life regression, meditation or working with a healer to name a few. And of course, engaging in someone to provide a spiritual reading.

What is a Spiritual Reading?

A spiritual reading can primarily be differentiated from a psychic reading by the intention and focus of the reading. You may visit a psychic or tarot reader at a psychic fair, and they will answer some questions for you.  Most people use this type of reading out of curiosity or for simplistic questions. Depending on the skill of the psychic you can also get in-depth information.

A Spiritual reading is more comprehensive in the information provided and it has a deeper intention. Some of the situations you can gain insight into are karmic patterns and soul contracts you have accumulated throughout your soul journey.  These patterns are things that limit your full potential and hence your full enlightenment. These are your lifetime projects that you wanted to experience and have become stuck in. A spiritual reading’s focus is the soul stage of evolution and provides insight and assistance to further progression. Here are some of the forms of spiritual reading that are available from Shamarie’s Body & Mind Therapies

Soul Re-alignment Reading –
  • A soul realignment reading is specific version of a spiritual reading. You can find out more information about this type of spiritual reading here
Akashic Records Reading –
  • A spiritual reading specifically focused on past life issues.  The reader will access your Akashic Records to gain this information.  You can read more about the Akashic Records here.
A Spiritual Reading Given by a Skilled Healer –
  • Our bodies are a repository of information and memories, not just from your current life but also you ancestors.   When you engage a skilled spiritual healer, they use your body as the access point. This information will help facilitate no only physical healing but also soul growth. Science is starting to explore how a spiritual healer or reader can access information from a physical body. We truly are living libraries. Our bodies, our minds and our souls are the projection point, the external world is the movie we are living. We truly are living libraries

A Spiritual Reading is an Invaluable tool

The goal of a spiritual person is to release patterns contained in their library that limit their full human potential. Hence a spiritual reading is an invaluable tool for your personal evolution as you move towards enlightenment. A Spiritual reading will give you inside the data in your library that is limiting your spiritual progression.