Discover the Top 10 Myths About Energy Healing

Health 25 Aug 2021
Discover the Top 10 Myths About Energy Healing

Energy Healing is surrounded by so many conflicting ideas. So, let me clear up some of the confusion. The more you understand about this
exciting age-old practise that is becoming more and more common place.

The more you will be able to make informed choices about your personal health and wellbeing. Energy healing facilitates wellness via the subtle unseen energies that underpin all of life. It’s a behind the scenes process if you like. This subtle energy is often categorized as the mental, emotional and spiritual influences, however it is much more than this.

What Is Allopathic Medicine’s View Point

In the past  allopathic or modern medicine has only focused on the physical symptoms and rarely connecting the dots between mental and emotional states and physical diseases. This in part, is because medical science’s original mandate was to explore the nature of the anifest world and leave the world of subtle energy to religion. However, now modern medicine is saying that your mental and emotional state impacts upon your health. Generally, Energy Healing endeavours to get to the foundational cause rather than just focus on the physical symptoms. Our physical sysmptoms are generally not the cause they appear at the end of a chain reaction. Both energy medicine and modern medicine have a part to play in keeping you well. By exploring the myths of Energy Medicine I hope to level the playing field.

I have to Believe in Energy Healing for it to Work for Me!

Before I address this myth lets first look at a definition of the word belief. A belief is an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists, something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction. Obviously if you have a firmly held opinion of something you are likely to defend the opinion that you hold as true. However, your defensive stance does not guarantee truth. Many individuals once believed the world was flat.
Believing in something certainly means that you are more open to experiencing and witnessing it in your life. The reverse is also true, if you do not believe that something exists you tend to deny its existence.  However, just because you don’t believe in something does not mean that it is not true. Here are some everyday examples that suggest that even though you may not believe in something it still can have an effect in your life.

  1. It is common for people who win Lotto to say that they never believed that they would ever win, and yet they did!
  2. The very first time you were given a pain relief medicine as a child you did not believe one way or the other concerning its effectiveness. Yet presumably it still had a positive effect.
  3. In Australia, the vast majority of the medical profession do not believe that homoeopathy has any effect. Yet this medicine is widely used in Europe and there are hundreds of scientific peer reviewed research papers that prove that it does have an effect. In fact, in some cases equal to many drugs, so it is very likely that if you took a homeopathic medicine it would have effect regardless of your belief.


There is No Scientific Evidence to Support Energy Healing.

Many years ago this statement would have been true. In fact, before 1905, scientists believed that energy and matter were two totally separate things until Albert Einstein showed that mass and energy are two sides of the same coin. Physics tells us that all atoms and molecules generate some form of energy. They all send and receive some form of electromagnetic waves. The world around us is far more than the compact mass we see with our naked eyes. Today a search on Google will yield vast amounts of research that supports the effectiveness of Energy healing. There are also some very good books written by reputable scientists that offer theories of how and why energy healing works. You may wish to explore authors such as Lynne McTaggart or Bruce Lipton.


The Effects of Energy Healing Will Not Last

Whether Energy Healing lasts or not is very dependent upon the nature of the problem and the type of energy being utilized. In the case of Reiki, which is very good at providing relaxation, naturally these relaxation effects are not going to last. I might add in here also, the effects of many medications do not last indefinitely. Likewise, you will not get deep long-term healing from a simple temporary increase in energy. It must also be taken into consideration that there are some types of Energy Healing practise that are really good a clearing away the symptoms, but not the root cause. No different than many medical drugs and procedures. However, there are other healing systems that take care of the symptoms as well as resolve the root cause.