How Productivity can be Achieved through Online Classes

Education 03 Feb 2024
How Productivity can be Achieved through Online Classes


The prevalence of online education has become a familiar aspect of our lives, necessitating students of all ages to participate in virtual classes. This shift has led to increased parental involvement in their children’s education. However, it has also raised numerous concerns about the impact on children’s development and productivity during online learning sessions, particularly in the context of online schools in India.

So, to discuss more on ‘How productivity can be achieved through online classes‘, we had an enlightening discussion with two esteemed panelists from two different fields:

  • Ms.Teena Tuli; Teacher, Mount Olympus School
  • Dr. Gunjan Jain; Child Physiotherapist and an influencer

How can children enjoy online classes?

Tina Ma’am advises that students must consider a class as a class irrespective of the mode it is being conducted through. It is very necessary to be serious, attentive, and dedicated throughout the class and acknowledge the importance of online learning.

Students must concentrate on their classes to enjoy them for which Gunjan ma’am gives a personal example of how her son initially found it difficult to concentrate on his classes and was hence introduced to Yoga and meditation before his classes and how it helped him concentrate.

What are some cases where online classes have an edge over offline classes?

Though the emotion of the offline classes and in-person teaching is missing, both Gunjan Ma’am and Tina Ma’am agree on the point that technology is the future and so is digital learning. They both mention how online classes have made kids more independent, familiar with digital and technical norms, and how online learning has erased the geographical barrier between the students and the teachers.

This point has been proven with the results that Mount Olympus School has achieved through its online learning programs. Their students have been able to adapt to this new style thanks to their capable faculty and staff. There’s no doubt that online learning is a major challenge for everyone involved, but Mount Olympus School has stood up to this task and has managed to make the best out of it.

We are all aware of the fact that the responsibilities of parents have drastically increased during this pandemic. Most of them are engaged in work-from-home jobs along with the job of managing the household chores. In addition to this, online classes of kids have also burdened them with the responsibility of keeping an eye on the children during their classes.

So besides maintaining decent decorum during the classes, here are a few tips by Gunjan Ma’am on how to manage the online classes with other daily activities:

  • Divide the responsibilities with your partner.
  • Prepare a proper schedule and routine for yourself as well as the children.
  • Support and guide your kids during their initial days of online classes.
  • Your schedule must comprise proper sleep and fitness activities to help concentrate better

Online Classes: Views of both parents and teachers

To note a parent’s point of view, Gunjan ma’am was asked her thoughts on whether online classes must continue after the pandemic or not, to which she very finely explained how online classes benefits the students by saving their time and energy and how it actively involves the parents in their kids’ learning process and hence somehow must be continued.

Tina ma’am further mentioned how online learning can never replace the benefits offered by offline education like personality development, cognitive skills development, etc.

Tina ma’am was then asked about the problems she faced during the early days of the online learning process and how she gradually went through it, and it was very gracious of her to describe how minor apprehensions like students speaking during the classes, having mic and camera issues, etc. were never a problem for her and how communicating well with the students and the parents gradually improved the process.

A final message from our panelists to the parents

  • Since your children have been introduced to technology and social media, keep a track of their online activities.
  • Set their boundaries and routines like regulating their screen time, sleeping schedule, etc.
  • Filter the information you find on the Internet. Not everything on the internet is true and reliable.
  • Stay connected with the teachers and communicate with them.
  • Trust the school and teachers and don’t interrupt during the online classes.
  • Take care of your children’s diet, health, and fitness. Make sure they are filled with positive vibes.

And the discussion was concluded with Tina Ma’am advising the students to please reach out to the teachers with any doubts, issues, or queries and stay active during their online classes. For this is how the bridge between the offline and online classes can be somehow fulfilled.