3 Common Questions Answered with an Akashic Reading

Health 06 Nov 2021
3 Common Questions Answered with an Akashic Reading

The Akashic Records are sometimes referred to as the Hall of Records. When I take a client to visit the Akashic Records the hall always appears the same. A circular room with many doors leading into individual reading rooms. There is also a water fountain – a representation of the fountain of the water of life in the centre of the room.  The ceiling of the room is non-existent in that it is opens to the cosmos.  I am always surprised when I see the afterlife represented in movies as these producers generally have a very similar vision.

Akashic Records; Do they Exist, and Can I go There?

I guess this answers the first question that many people have about the Akashic Records, or two actually – do they exist and can I go there myself. The first answer is a little tricky, yes, they exist if you believe they exist.  The Akasha is part of humanity’s archetypal knowledge and hence representations and of the Akasha exist in some form in most cultures. To answer the second part of this question – can anyone go there? The answer is generally yes through focus and meditation.  For beginners it is often easier to go there with a guide.  There is one proviso though, generally you can only access you own information. Having a clear question or intention in mind help to not get lost along the way.

Have I had a Relationship with Specific People Before?

Relationship concerns for one of the most common questions when someone thinks about having an Akashic Records Reading. For example, have I been with this person before? What was my relationship with this person? and was this relationship positive or not?  Nine times out of ten relationship questions arise because there is some type of disharmony or unhappiness in the current relationship with the person concerned. So yes, you can find these answers in the Akashic Records but of course you can only check out your Soul’s perspective.

Why is this Happening to Me?

Why is this happening to me is probably the number one question that clients want answered when they order an Akashic Records Reading. Life has lots of opportunities and experiences, some good and some not so good.  However, when an individual is experiencing consistently adverse life circumstances, they will often ask- What have I done to deserve this? This question comes from the belief that there is Karma in terms of you do something bad, you can expect some form of punishment. I prefer to see Karma as natural consequence rather than punishment. If you are not aware of the consequences of your behaviour. There is nothing like being subjected to that behaviour from another to get some perspective. Anyway, I digress.  If you want to get insight into why your life is the way, it is, the Akashic Records is a good place to get some perspective.

The above three common questions are just a tip of the iceberg in terms of what can be discovered when you engage a skilled akashic records reader.

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